Our Wine Selection

The Galleano Winery is a historic, down to earth winery with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We offer a variety of selections including our premium Zinfandels, Rhone Varietals, Roses, Whites and Dessert wines.

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House Zinfandel

Our house zinfandel aged in redwood with medium body.

Zinfandel Dos Rancheros (2008)

This full-bodied wine starts with an intense berry flavor that dissolves deliciously into a rich complexity of tannins.

Pioneers Legendary Zinfandel

This wine is rich in fruit, wild berries, licorice, and dried red currant with spicy flavors, a touch of leather and smoky new oak for a lingering finish. 2010 Best of Class Award in the Pacific Rim Intl. Wine Competition.

Joya del Cucamonga Zinfandel

Joya del Cucamonga, or Cucamonga Jewel opens with aromas of dark fruit and smoked oak, and finishes with flavors of wild berries, black cherries, and pomegranate.

Cano’s Reserve Red

This special wine was grown, produced, and bottled at our winery and pays tribute to Mr. Raul Cano, our Cellar Master. A blend of two vintages (2010 and 2011), this wine has notes of blackberry, red licorice with a hint of tobacco. This blend improves over time, be sure to age it in the bottle to exaggerate the flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The coastal valleys of Paso Robles provide the hot days and cool nights that this grape needs to develop all the flavor that’s expected from this Bordeaux varietal.

Heritage Red

This medium dry blend is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Grenache with a bouquet of mature, red fruits and violet floral accented aromas, a light cherry flavor, and smoky blackberry finish.

Cucamonga Peak Red

Our local house red wine blended with Rhone varietals, Syrah and Zinfandel.


These Cucamonga Valley grapes had their fermentation arrested resulting in a residual sugar concentration of about 1.5%.

Mellow Burgundy

This wine is made from our house zinfandel, with about 3% residual sugar to soften the taste.


Serve this imported Italian red wine chilled to bring out fizzy flavors of sweet cheery and berry jam. Enjoy it on its own or like a wine cooler.

Cucamonga Peak White

This California white wine is floral, aromatic, semi-dry but crispy, perfect for spring or summer.


This Paso Robles (2010) wine is light and aromatic with hints of pineapple, medium acidity and buttery finish.


A nice German style wine from the Central Coast (2010) is both crisp and refreshing with hints of green apple, honey, and just a touch of sweetness.

White Zinfandel

This invigorating Cucamonga Valley original zinfandel is light and fruity with a hint of strawberry.

Grenache Rosé

Another Cucamonga Valley original wine, dry farmed from Grenache grapes. It has a sweet rose taste.

Candlelight White

This wine has the tart touch of acid, which perfectly balances the semi-sweet taste of the mélange of white grapes from which it was made. Its clean, refreshing taste makes it a natural for sipping on the patio, but pared with lighter fare, it makes a great accompaniment with food.

Muscat Canelli

This Paso Robles (2012) wine strikes an exquisite balance between our Candlelight and our Muscatel. On the nose, it is delicate, aromatic, and flowery. On the palate, a great raisin flavor and wonderful bouquet that is sweet but not overwhelming.


From the Cucamonga Valley, our Muscat is fortified with a nice kick.

Moscato d’Asti

Imported from Italy, this delicate semi-sparkling wine has a straight forward sweet and fruit flavors.

California Champagne

This extra dry sparkling champagne is a great example of California’s capability to produce Brut style wine. The crisp acidity and carbonation is accompanied by a slight mineral taste.

Almond Champagne

The essence of almonds softens the sharpness of this traditional Brut style sparkling wine.

Raspberry Champagne

This light and crisp champagne has aromas of rose petal and raspberry.

Peach Champagne

This champagne, infused with peach nectar with all around exotic and sophisticated fruit flavors, makes a wonderful Bellini cocktail that is easy and fun to drink.

Rose of Peru Sherry

This sherry exudes flavors of orange zest, pecan and honey, and will swirl around your palate, leaving you wanting more.

Sherry Cream Cask Three

From the Cucamonga Valley, this Classic California Cream Sherry has warm, toasty aroma of caramel and hazelnut with a lingering finish of vanilla. Winner of multiple gold and sweepstakes awards.

Nino’s Solera Sherry

From the Cucamonga Valley, a sherry with dark tawny color and amber hues, rich baked honey nose, and almond honey sweetness with a mild tannic backbone.

Galleano Sherry (2006)

From the Cucamonga Valley, our own sherry with massively complex notes of raisin, fruit, truffle, figs, and fresh citrus, with orange peel and hazelnuts hints on the long finish.

House Cream Sherry

This wine uses Palomino grapes to produce the smooth, creamy taste that characterizes cream sherry. While medium in color, the intense, butter aroma signals a treat for the palate.

Alicante Port

Made from Alicante Boushet grapes, this port with a deep garnet color and jammy aromas tastes rich with semi spice and full dark berry fruit, cherry and black licorice. It lingers with a round, luscious, fruitcake sweetness through a long, smooth finish.

Zinfandel Port 2000

This Zinfandel Port has a light red hue with touches of orange around the rim and gives aromas of black cherries, raspberries, and brown sugar.

Three Friends Port

This wine is a classic aged tawny style port from the Cucamonga Valley. With amber-caramel color and warm brown sugar aromas, this port has more international gold medals than any tawny port in America.

Galleano Port

From the Cucamonga Valley, this port is a unique creation of Winemaker Donald Galleano. Made vintage style, this elegant port is rich and sweet with aromas of roasted walnuts, figs, brown sugar, and vanilla. Expect a long intense finish.


This dessert wine from the Cucamonga Valley has a redolent nose of chocolate and caramel with an aftertaste of pecan and hazel nut.

Sweet Vermouth

A true Italian style sweet vermouth from the Cucamonga Valley with the traditional blend of secret herbs and red wine.


This delicious raspberry flavored dessert wine has a mouth coating body that is sweet, succulent, and, tastes of heaven.


Rich, smoky, and slightly herbaceous all describe this wine, made in Ambra (amber) style. All these tastes are perceived with the background of sugar and fruit. While excellent for cooking, this wine holds its own as a sherry for sipping.

Choco Vine

Imported from the Netherlands, this limited release for the holidays has a taste of Dutch chocolate and fine red wine, luxurious and exuberant!