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   84 Years of Award Winning Wine  
  • 1887 - Pleasant Valley (San Bernardino County) was annexed into Riverside County, name changed to Union.

  • 1890 - Dugald McRae established claim to the land that is now Cantu-Galleano Ranch.

  • 1900 - The barn was constructed. It is presently on the eastern section and stands as a structure with historical and architectural integrity.
    The L-shaped original winery building was constructed. It is located on the western boundary of Wineville Road.

  • 1907 - The town originally known as Stalder was changed to Wineville. The new name reflected the use of the land for the cultivation of hundreds of acres of wine grapes.

  • 1918 - The brothers, Domenico, Giovanni, and Angelo joined the Bora family, purchasing 300 acres of the Bonita Ranch located in what is now Ontario.

  • 1920 - The Bunkhouse/Office was constructed. It is located on the western boundary of Wineville Road.

  • 1930 - The town name was again changed to Mira Loma.

  • 1930 - North of the original winery, the guest house /gift shop was constructed. The building serves as a restroom and rest area for visitors and workers, it retains a high level of integrity with no noticeable alterations.

  • 1942 - The vinegar shed was constructed. It is located southeast of the barn. 
    The three-bay garage/carport was constructed. It is located south of the winery and on the west side of Wineville Road.

  • 1947-1949 - The main winery was constructed. It resides on the westside of Wineville Road. Domenico Galleano’s son Nino had built the eighteen foot high industrial building to accommodate the growth of the winery.

  • 1951 - A single family dwelling was constructed. It resides on the westside of Wineville Road. The Galleano built the house as a rental property and the occupants usually worked the winery.

  • 1966 - Col. Cantu died a legend in Mexicali, Baja California

  • 1964 - A non-contributing storage facility was added to the north facade of the main cellar.

  • 1976 - Gina Marie Galleano born in June.

                   -Retail was remodeled and office /storage was created

  • 1982 - The upper floor of the Cantu/Galleano Residence were significantly altered as the original entrance was re-oriented to the west facade.
    - Donald & Charlene move with new family

  • 1983 - Annamarie Galleano was born -4th generation
    - Bernard (Nino) Galleano died

  • 1984 - Domenico Galleano died

  • 1985 - Domenico Bernard Galleano was born -4th generation
    - Insulated winery roof and tank was constructed
    - Purchased new stainless steel tanks

  • 1986 - Paving in front of the winery was constructed

  • 1993 - Cantu/Galleano Winery Ranch dedicated as a Riverside County Historical Landmark and a State of California Point of Historic Interest

  • 1995 - Matthew (Galleano) Spraggins born -5th generation

  • 1997 - Mary Galleano died
    - Stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks for white wine were placed in the driveway area between the main winery and the three-bay car garage
    - New Wineville Road built around the east side of the ranch complex 
    - Berm separating the road from the complex built 
    - Bunk house remodeled inside for office space

  • 1999 - Rental house remodeled
    - New crusher installed at winery
    - Petrissan diary house moved to winery complex
    - Rock monument sign built along the corner of Harrell and Wineville

  • 2001 - Ryan Scott (Galleano) Spraggins born -5th generation

  • 2002 - Electrical lines buried, telephone-electric poles down

  • 2003 - Listed in National Register of Historic Places

  • 2007 - Gracie Marie (Galleano) Spraggins and Sophie Marie (Galleano) Metter born -5th generation

  • 2009 - Commemorative marker honoring the Historic Galleano Winery dedicated by the Native Sons of the Golden West

  • 2011 - Sadie Marie (Galleano) Metter born -5th generation

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